When I talk about inspiration as it regards to writing, there are two areas to look at. A couple of spots will have overlap when it comes to stories and style. 

I was a reader first, as all of us have been. I mentioned Terry Brooks before as the influence who got me into wanting to write. The world he described was new to me. There were movies, but none of which enthralled me as much as the world of Shannara had. I don’t recall many movies from the ’80s when I was growing up taking place in such settings. Things like magic, goblins, elves, and dragons were foreign to me. After being introduced to the Sword of Shannara and sequels, more and more discoveries were made.

The next big thing for me was Robert Herbert’s Dune. This was the first time I also read a book before I saw the movie. I had mentioned to someone that I was reading it and I got asked the question of “have you seen the movie yet?” It was also the first time I learned I preferred the written word to what was translated onto the screen.

Stephen King, Micheal Crichton, H.P. Lovecraft, and Terry Pratchett all helped mold both the reader and writer I am today. The style and approach they all use are very different but help get the point across. Soon after, I was reaching for more. I found Ilona Andrews, J.K. Rowling, and so many more who expanded upon lessons I had learned.

On to some recommendations.  I have mentioned some authors already, but I highly recommend The Awesome by Eva Darrows. This will be one that I feel may surprise you the way it surprised me. Taking it all in, the presentation with the writing has given me a new perspective and helped solidify some rules I follow to this day.

Books about writing that I recommend are Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks. I have read this a couple of times and even as I write this, I feel I will go back again soon for another read. On Writing by Stephen King is another that I often recommend to other writers as well. I love hearing the stories of other writer’s background. I do feel a kinship with them as I have felt the same. It’s one of a story is inside you and is bursting to come out. You take that story and pour everything out on the page. Your emotions, your feelings, everything involved and surrounding the journey of these characters. 

Thank you again for reading. what motivates or inspires you?