I am always on the search for new music. Spotify on Friday likes to provide new music playlists. Sometimes these consist of artists who have already made it big and are just releasing a fresh track. Other times, it is emerging artists. This has been a hit or miss method for me.

Youtube is another great resource for new music and artists who are new to me. I could not tell you exactly how I found Nova Rockafeller. Her song Problem was the major driving inspiration behind Runner’s Rise (trivia answer). I have found other countless artists through playlists and mixes of random songs. I do hate to say this, but either I listened so much random and various songs or the algorithm was much looser a few years back. When I pick a song and go with a mix for it, I am hearing a lot of the same songs now. This has also been a hit or miss.

My second favorite method has been Radio.com. My loyalty to streaming music has landed with them and I could not be happier. I will turn this on during weekends as well when my son and I are playing with Legos or having a Nerf war. I let the classic rock or dance music sneak into his mind as we play. It is funny how I use to complain about commercials on the radio and would be switching stations. This has somehow changed with the times and delivery. I have no problems now listening to them, although it has a nostalgia factor as it is mainly the Chicago stations. College radio streaming stations are wonderful for new artists as well.

My favorite method of discovering new music? Friends and family. I am more than receptive to suggestions. Even though the majority of artists and songs I have listened to through this way aren’t new, they are new to me. This is also one of my favorite subjects to talk about for that reason. I will share my favorites (at the time) as well as write down others that I have not heard of. You never know who will introduce you to your new favorite band or who shares some of the same music tastes with you. 

Who are some of your favorite bands or artists?