Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere. 

Music is a heavy influence and listed first for a reason. Typically, every story, whether it is long or short, has a song or playlist. Runner’s Rise had one song I would listen to every time before I sat down to write. Bonus points if you know that song. The current horror novel I am writing at the moment also has a song attached to it. It is a cover of Animals by Ice Nine Kills. The interpretation and the sound inspired a very short work. That work has now spawned into close to 25,000 words and climbing. 

Once I play the inspiration song or songs, I will move to instrumental songs. This is a very wide range as well. If it is a dark scene, it calls for dark music. Slow and haunting melodies. If it is a scene that takes place at a diner, I will have more upbeat and relaxed tones. As I write this blog post, I am listening to something you would hear in a club. Miss Monique is a DJ that I frequently listen to while writing and I find it soothing and something I do not have to divert resources to trying to learn lyrics.

I can hear a lyric and use just those few words to kick off something new. This is mainly why instrumental music is played while trying to focus on certain stories. It has happened before where a lyric has interrupted the flow, and I find myself writing a completely new story on a blank canvas. 

If you are looking for your own inspiration, music may be helpful. Don’t just hear the music, really listen to it. Break apart the lyrics and see what they mean to you. It is a fantastic thing. People will hear the words and beat. From that experience, they will draw a conclusion. That conclusion can and will likely be different from yours, which varies greatly from my own. 

Aside from music I listen to for story inspiration, there are songs I listen to and help keep me driven. I Get It by Chevelle, almost all of Hatebreed’s work, All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled (which I know is cliche), How We Roll by Don Omar, and Feel Invincible by Skillet are just a few that I use to get myself in the correct mindset. A playlist will be incoming once I compile it officially. 

Thank you for your support and for continuing to read. What are some songs you use for inspiration?