Portal Business

This was something short but fun from the Write-On writing group. The prompt had talked about a portal as well as another using colors. I combined a couple of them and came up with this. Another unedited work from 2019. Enjoy.


The world disappeared around me. Colors swirled and mixed in a circle and fell out of reach. Darkness swallowed them up to the point of them vanishing altogether. There was nothing around, yet somehow I stood on solid ground. A gust of air hit me as the scenery came back the same way it ended. The pinhole pushed out hues that spread around me and as far as I could see. The flood of colors made me bend at the knees to hold my ground.

My home was back, and my front yard. I stood on the cement facing a very familiar yet foreign sight. A beep of a car horn made me turn to see my wife’s car pulling up in the driveway. She gave me a crooked smile, something I had missed very much. The car came to a stop as she got out.

“Where have you been?” She popped open the trunk and walked to the back of the car.

“What day is it?” It’s odd that she would greet me so after so much time away. It had been at least a few weeks since I had seen her last.

“It’s Saturday. Where did you get those clothes? And a sword?” She grabbed some of the groceries as I realized I still held the longsword from battle. Chainmail was showing through the gashes on my leather overshirt.

“How long have I been gone?”

“I thought you were staying home today. Now help me with these groceries and stop making us look like the crazy couple on the block.”