Here is another recent story I wrote during our Write On writer’s meeting. We were given song titles and tasked to use them as inspiration. The one I used was “Do You Believe In Life After Love?” by Cher. Hope you enjoy this piece.

The street was alive with energy from the day. The markets opened just before sunrise and would sometimes stretch well into the night. It was a village that was among the trees. Stands ranged from giant leaves being used as canopies and fallen branches holding them to dead trees being hollowed out and used as a shelter. A light drizzle was coming through as the rain outside of this little world pounded the leaves below. The system of moving the majority of the water away from the village working wonders.

Kev walked through a light mist where either an elbow of the system or hole existed high above. He wandered from vendor to vendor. Items of all types were being offered from around the known world and possibly beyond. The proximity to the ocean meant that fish and shells were abundant. Kev had never seen such an array in his lifetime. 

The streets were muddy, but most people did not care. Either they had known not to wear coverings on their feet through word of mouth or they were locals. Kev did not get that memo and cursed that he would be replacing his boots soon. Each footfall seemed to pick up more and more mud. The smell was a mix of what was on the ground and that on the tables. The earthy scent was mixed with one of the water. He noted that this would likely be the last time he visited this area. 

He stopped at a table that had all sorts of jewelry on it. The majority were made of shells. A few smooth stones fashioned into pendant or earrings seemed out of place. He picked one of them up and nudged toward the vendor. The woman spoke a language he was foreign too. He pulled out some coins and she nodded up to him. Kev took out a few more and displayed them to her. She agreed and held her hand out for the money. 

Kev looked over the item and tossed it in his hand a couple of times. Pleased with the weight, he put it in a pocket and kept his hand around it. His thumb rubbed the smooth surface as he walked more. His glance would move through the crowd from time to time but then back to the wares. He decided he could not take it anymore and moved to the side of a tree. He slipped off his boots and dropped his feet with a squish. It was odd but also a bit comforting. Kev knew that no one would be in the market for them, so he left them where they lay. 

Another scan of the crowd and he moved closer to the middle of the market. His hand went back to his pocket to touch the stone pendant. The area was more crowded here, but he did not mind. His feet took him to a table with mugs on it. They were sculpted from wood, glass, and stone. He stepped to inspect one of the sandy-colored stone ones. His progress was halted as himself and another man collided. Their weights almost taking each other off their feet. He gripped onto the man half to keep his balance and half to help the victim.

“Apologies.” Kev smiled at him as they stood back upright. The male behind the table was now yelling at them. He knew that the words “careful” and  “jerks” were peppered somewhere in there. The man walked away as Kev did the same. They both chose opposite directions. 

Kev put his hand in his pocket and felt the pendant. It was heavier than the one he purchased and he could feel ridges where there were none before. He walked a little further and looked back. A sea of people was behind him. He took out the item to inspect it and smiled. The grey stone was now jade. It had a design he was familiar with and gave him a sense of warmth.

It was his wife’s at one time. It was what had been driving him since her death and the loss of it. Kev tucked it back in and walked a little further. He stopped at another booth and bought new boots. He slung them over his shoulder and left the market place. He knew it would be only a matter of time before the pendant was sought after by the thieves. It was a fun game getting his love back, and it would be interesting to keep a hold of it.