I had kept my writing hidden for a long time. There were very few I would confide in when it came to what I wrote. I am not sure exactly why now that I look back on it. This apprehension came to a stop because of getting involved with a community of writers.

My first experience with a writing group came after moving to Rock Falls, IL. I was introduced to a writing group by a good friend. Write On, as it is now named, still holds meetings in town. It was here that I got to connect with other writers and started to really share my work. This is also where I discovered my love for writing prompts.  

Every other meeting, we would get a prompt. It could be a picture, objects, or just some sentences and questions. We would get a hold of an idea from these and then write. After a certain time, we would read if we chose. I was hesitant. I worried about how my writing would be received, whether it was the right crowd for my style. They were supportive.  

The next best thing came along when I discovered Discord. There are whole writing communities available there. I have jumped in and out of several them. One had even helped me discover the greatest tool to my productivity, 4thewords.com. The different offerings that each have are astounding. Critiquing, beta readers, writing sprints and in-depth discussion scratch just part of what is offered.  

Whatever you may be into, whatever you create, there is a community for you. If you can’t find one, start one. There are so many like-minded people and those who want to express themselves and share their art.  

If you are not sure where to start, it depends on whether you are looking for an online community or in-person interaction. I would recommend starting at your local library or possibly the formation of a club at your school if you wanted to have a local group. Many schools are receptive to such groups and would help encourage creativity. Libraries tend to have meeting rooms of sorts and are usually cheap or even free. Both locations will have boards or ways to convey meeting times and locations. 

Online communities are easier to form. Discord, as mentioned before, have quite a few groups already in place. Many sites already will have forums for joining as well. You can also investigate creating your own site or server.  

Go in with a plan no matter which way you choose. There are a lot of different activities that writing groups can do or ways to keep each other on task. I look forward to hearing about how well your group is going in the future.