I have a habit of picking up games to then decide I can use my time better elsewhere and quit. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links had the potential to break me of this cycle. Alas, here I am with another game, and an older one as well. You may find this becomes a trend.

Cardfight Vanguard Zero is based on a trading card game called Cardfight Vanguard. The gameplay on the mobile app is a modified version of the rules, just like Duel Links. In this game, there are a lot of automatic triggers, fewer options for blocking, and a very slimmed-down card collection. The variety of cards will grow as the game continues.

Vanguard Zero touts itself as a gacha game. This comes in the form of packs of cards you can purchase and modify your deck with. There are 24 clan-specific packs. These will ensure you get cards for your deck of choice. The additional packs contain a varied number of clans, typically 3-4, and a variety of rarity spread throughout.

Aside from obtaining packs, you can also craft single cards and get new cosmetics such as sleeves and titles. This is probably my biggest gripe about a lot of these gacha type games. The number of currencies between tickets, coins, and shards can be confusing. The grind needed to obtain everything you are looking for can be more of a chore.

The biggest plus and negative about this game is that it is a card game. There is no trading involved as you craft or open the cards you want or need. If you are a casual card gamer, this is a lot of fun and the artwork is amazing. The tutorial when you initially sign-on doesn’t off much help in the way of getting started, but there is a section that runs through the basics really well and rewards you for completing. They are also pretty generous with packs as I came in late to one set and just as another began. This allowed me at least 30 packs each and many tickets which can be redeemed for more packs.

If you are competitive, it is a grind to obtain a deck that is meta. You will also find that it is laid out how to reset your account if your first set of packs is not generous. This initially made me rethink diving in, but I am glad I did.

The gameplay is fun both against AI and PVP. If gacha style openings with a card battling system are what you are into, this is a fun game to pick up. I found myself grinding through a lot of the story missions and still have so much more to go with lots of rewards on the other end. This may even lead to me owning some of the physical cards to learn how to play as well. Hope you enjoy as much as I have over these past couple of weeks!