I talked about change yesterday. Moving forward is something that we all do whether we realize it or not. This is in every aspect of our life. The people we talk to, things we are interested in, and our professions are some of the major ones.

People in our lives have, I feel, the biggest effect on us. We are social creatures. We seek social acceptance, whether it is with the “popular” group or our own group of outcasts. The bonds that are created change both us and the one with who we have connected with.

The family is the first one that we connect with. When I say family, this is either by blood or the family that has accepted you in and taught you the ways of being a person. This is the core of you who you are. You have a chance to accept or reject the lessons you are taught. This is where you hear a lot of people talk about trying to be a better person or provide better than their parents had.

The social group you engage with next is classmates, sometimes friends. These are the bonds that you pick or ones that pick you. Common interests or dislikes help to gravitate people towards one another. This trend pushes into adulthood when it comes to the workplace, your community, or extracurricular activities that interest you.

As I am speaking about change, all of these connections will come and go. We lose contact with others as we make contact with new people. Situations change where it’s hard to stay in contact and then the bond erodes. The heartache felt through these lost relationships persist and may even make you question how or why such things happened.

The most important part is to remember the lessons and values that were absorbed during these times. On a personal level, this blog is a culmination of many people who have touched my life. The encouragement I had received to write has led me on this journey. I am sure you will notice small things within my writing which contain lessons from my author friends as well. There are names that, even as I write this, were forgotten for many years and have started coming back from my time at college.

Even though they may be removed from my life or just a name popping up on Facebook, everyone has left an imprint on me in some form or another.