I have been a student of the school of finance and investing at the University of Youtube with my second major being Googling Stuff. I have read books on the matter as well and have decided now is the time to put this into action.

My first step was to create a goal. This seems to be everyone’s recommendation in more words. The goal is to help identify where you want to be. The idea of having it be general won’t fly either. My previous statement in an earlier post saying “be successful” doesn’t cut it. My first goal is to be positive. I am not talking rainbows and sunshine positive which I embody most of the time. Be positive is not being in the red when I look at my assets and my liabilities.

Student loans, medical bills, and general debt have been a part of my financial life for a long time. I look back at how my view on this was before and I saw it as insurmountable. The thing about that is, I don’t have as much as some people out there. The crazier fact is people have overcome so much more debt than I have gathered and are now wealthy.

I can’t look at the goal anymore as something that I can’t climb. It is a lot, it will take hard work, and this is a marathon. When (notice I did not say if) I see that number hit zero, it will grow positive higher than I could need. That leads to the second part of my goal.

To give back. I do give what I can currently. Each act of giving will help in some way. However, I am American. Take that as you may, but it is still in me to not just feel but see the impact I make. Do I want to cry when I hand over a check for thousands of dollars because the recipient is crying? You bet.

In short, set your goals. Have as many as you need and at different stages of your personal finance journey. The next lesson will cover budgeting. This is another step that can be done right now and is a great step forward. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

-Vincent Hennings