If I mention Dungeons and Dragons and lose you, I apologize. This ties into a lot of what I do and have done. Tabletop roleplaying games have always been a go-to of mine. 

When I first started, I saw how it was a marriage of so many things I loved. It was most definitely a game. There are aspects of certain ones that let me be as expressive as I could with the complexity of the rules. I admit I am a min-maxer. I would minimize the downside of my character at the expense of maximizing what they were good at. I still see this and at times catch myself doing it. I have enjoyed to just enjoy the game in my age. 

Tabletop roleplaying games also helped me tell a story. I would use it as an outlet to not only create a character I could be invested in, but also help them grow in the world. Relationships could be built, revolutions started, and just some fun tales of adventures past. I still talk about some of the stories from when I was younger and sat at the table with my friends. 

Dungeons and Dragons, along with other games, helped me build social skills as well. They taught me there is always more than one way to resolve a situation. That also helped with problem solving.  Many of the solutions we came up with were out of the box. One event that comes to mind is the way a group I was a part of was trying to figure a way into a room we were clearly not supposed to enter. We tried everything from jumping into a hall to throwing marbles in it to see where an invisible floor ended and real floor began. We never did end up getting into that room. 

I have already started my son down this path. I found the perfect game to start, Herokids, and we have already worked on the dice rolling and resolution aspects of it. The ideas are plentiful to help enforce his schooling with puzzles and social interactions. His imagination is already wild, and this is a way to help keep it expanding.  

I talk in vagueness because any of these points I can expand on indefinitely. I have taken part in trading stories with others who have experienced these games time and time again. I know this is my future as well for both discussing and making new memories. What is your story?