I recently had a reset of my own and it was refreshing. Being disconnected from technology and getting to focus on my family and myself helped me get my priorities in order. I wanted to share my experience with this.

First thing, limit your tech intake. This is a challenging task. It is made that much harder if your work requires you to spend multiple hours of a day in front of a computer. It is best to use a long weekend or vacation to do this. Nature is all around us and is willing to teach us lessons if we allow it to.

When in nature, take in the details. Look at the leaves that are growing on the trees and take in the pattern from one to another. Feel how slick some patches of grass are on your feet while others are grittier. Smell the air as the breeze pushes past you. Enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer.

Doing these things will help you let go. The thoughts you have on a day-to-day basis, the constant and unconscious comparison that we make as we scroll through feeds, and images of people’s “perfect” moments. These bring us down whether we realize it or not. We have trouble connecting to others as we view them through this beautiful lens and reflect back on our own situations.

With not being able to focus on others so much, you begin to focus on yourself. The goals you have, the priorities that pop into your mind first as you overlook a scenic view. The nature around us helps remind us of who we are, what we want, and how the true world around us is.

Take your time and notice the gorgeous world around us. It will help you in many ways. Thank you.