If you have come to know me in almost any aspect, you know I am a gamer. I can’t even recount what age I had started but MS-DOS was involved. The ones I have enjoyed the most and have taught me much of what I know today is card games. This comes in many forms, but it was the trading and collectible card games I always gravitated toward.

All games, levels of play, and formats include critical thinking. The decisions that are made each turn compound on each other and can lead to victory. When beginning down this path, as with all decisions in life, it is best to do your research. Find something that you are either passionate about or that speaks to you. You may have noticed multiple articles in this blog that also talk about different digital options. Typically, these have good tutorials and help you get into the learning curve smoothly.

As much as I love online play, there is nothing quite like sitting across from your opponent. This is where it’s best to find a friend (you may already have some who secretly play and you may not know) and ask questions. The way that these spread the most and stay alive longest is through the word of mouth from devoted players.

Now that you know the basics and have a friend (or more) who play, let those skills grow. Aspects like resource management, decision-making, and sportsmanship are all wrapped in a deck of so many cards. This is true with a normal deck of cards, board games, and video games. Some of them will also have time constraints and coordination necessary to achieve the end goal.

I think back on all the time I have spent card gaming and am thankful for the bonds I have forged and all that I have learned. The 25th year anniversary of Pokemon had me reflecting on the friendships I still have with those I had sat across the table from.

Pokemon and Magic have both been there from the beginning for me. For links on where to get started with Magic, click this affiliate link for a two-person starter. The Pokemon Training Academy is another great way to start and is available through this affiliate link.

Thank you!