I understand I am writing this post on a computer and for the internet. This is the first time in a few days I have had a chance to devote to screen time besides the random show as we prepared for bed on vacation. At this moment, it still feels weird to be in this isolated state. I plan on picking up a book and reading shortly after this is posted.

The world out there is something that is meant to be experienced. We, as humans, have found a cozy spot that is tricking ourselves into thinking we are connected. The devices that are in our hands or sit at our desks have us connecting with the artificial.

These past few days, even without talking or seeing other people at times, we had connected with nature again. The beauty of the skyline as trees sprout from the ground and reach up to touch the clouds. The feel of grass under our feet and water surrounding us. Without advertising where we had gone (no sponsorships), the scenes of the mountains from both above and below were a sight to behold at least once in your life.

Moments at night when I was reading a book to the white noise of the river flowing were common on this trip. My attention was called away a few times as the ducks and geese were less than friendly with each other but claimed the land by the balconies as both of their territories. The smell of the fresh mountain air squashed any thoughts on my daily routines when combined with it all.

Take time for yourself and explore. Check out the national parks around you or change your scenery on a road trip. Leave your away message up and turn off the phone. Keep that laptop closed as you explore what the real world has to offer. You may even discover something new about yourself.

Be safe and stay awesome!