It wasn’t until recently that I learned I was still a student. There was no attending college or taking courses. This was back in my writing journey. I would write and then read. There was more reading and then more writing. I would compare my style to others. My old work was fair game as I used this new knowledge to improve everything about it.

Fast forward to the current day, I am still learning but have more focus. There were times when I would be looking into the same topic time and time again and my learning would stagnate. I still do research from different viewpoints, such as long-term investing. Each expert within this takes a very different stance. One will back real estate investing as the only way to go while another pushes creating a business. Within the messages, you do find a lot of parallels.

Learning from these sources, I have heard their underlying messages. Expand your mind. Read. Research. Watch informational Youtube videos. All of these will lead to you finding your own path to your goals.

The other half of this is putting into practice what you learn. You can study until you become a subject matter expert, but it won’t get you far unless you act on it. With my own experience, I have jumped in with some knowledge before mastering a subject. This site is a perfect example of it. I make weekly changes and incrementally make it the best it can be.

Take the first step towards your goal. Analyze what you did and look to the others who may have knowledge of where you go next. Learn. Move forward again. Each step will have more purpose, more experience, more wisdom behind it. You better yourself, your own livelihood, and the world around you as you learn, work, and grow.