2024 started off strange. I had been having stomach issues which resulted in an ER trip and having my gallbladder taken out. Some time off work and recovering, now I am starting to get back into the swing of things with brightness on the horizon. Let’s get that update rolling, shall I?

Novel 2 Corporate Haiku for the Modern Office: This was a swerve I didn’t see coming. Novel 2 is still there and semi-looked at. However, I did push out a new book that contains haikus. I make it a habit to write a haiku for coworkers for their birthdays and anniversaries. This turned into writing them with business in mind. Flash forward a few months and some downtime, here is the link. I continue writing these now and plan to put more out there once I have enough.

Magma Family Card Gaming: This is another project that has evolved. Aside from selling cards, mainly Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the YouTube channel has been more active. I have been working on making weekly round-ups of what is releasing and just some fun news to cover. You can find that link here.

Personal: I want to thank everyone. The support, love, and the good vibes are all appreciated. There were a few times that I accepted it might be over, both before and after the surgery. I admit it seems dramatic now in hindsight. The struggles ahead are ones that we all face, especially in this economic environment. I continue to be positive and be a shining light for all I can. Thank you again, And I look forward to continuing on with these updates.