Wow, just wow. Welcome to the March update! The higher temps and the sunshine that feels good are starting to affect my mood again. I try to stay positive and the Spring hits so good! I was able to comfortably sit outside today and watch the sun begin setting. Anyway, here we go!

Novel 2 Corporate Haiku for the Modern Office: I am keeping this here as it is still alive and kicking. Not only have I launched the book, but I am planning a bigger and better one. I have started doing a few habits daily and one is writing a haiku. I have already met the number of haikus in this book and continuing forward. The novel is still on hold, for now. If you would like to check out the haiku book, here is the link. Thank you again for all the support!

Magma Family Card Gaming: Do you remember how last month I said I was doing more with this on the YouTube side? Well, that’s not fully true anymore. I am trying to come up with a sustainable content model for the channel that I find fun and informative. I continue to sell cards and have moved into Universus more. You can find the YouTube link here.

Personal: I want to thank everyone, again. It is truly humbling how amazing people are. I have started doing semi-weekly gaming events and the group out there has been helpful and very welcoming. I continue to learn about myself every day (like I am not a drawing artist) and expand my mind with reading and research. My motivation is growing and I am getting better with prioritizing my extra time. Consider yourself encouraged to read and explore more. Thank you again!