Interests are important. They help you define who you are and give you an outlet. These can be anything from a wide range of topics. Hobbies may even be something you don’t realize you have until it comes up in conversation and you know more than you expected.

What is it that you have poured hours into? Maybe you have extensive knowledge about pirates? Your experience with the military gave you a good understanding of the psychology of a soldier? Have you journaled off and on for years?

These interests can turn into hobbies with you doing more research into the given subject or exercising whatever muscles it is as you complete the task. My example to you is writing. I discovered a love for fantasy writing at a young age. After reading book after book, I asked why couldn’t I write like that? I started to.

I used inspiration from the worlds I read about. Scenarios and people started to form in my mind and come out on the page. Fast forward almost 17 years and I decided I wanted to write a book. Over that time, I evolved, stopped, started again, and studied.

Now is the fun part. Sharing that interest. I am a firm believer in this as there are so many others who are like you. They want to know your experience, what got you into your hobby, and maybe what else you are interested in that might correlate. This can be in written form, by talking to community members, or through content creation like Youtube.

I want to help you identify what it is you enjoy. Once you have done that, you can now use it to your advantage and explore all the opportunities that come with it. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!