If you know me, you know I advocate for small businesses. This was typically displayed in Beyond The Cube as we always talked about local food places. One spot that is not food related and is terrific is The Paper Escape in Dixon, IL.

My last experience was just as wonderful as every other. I entered the shop and was greeted with a friendly welcome. This was another stop that was primarily unplanned. When I have to run up to Dixon, there are 2 places I always have to stop as long as it is within business hours. The Paper Escape is one of them.

This store encompasses all I am as a geek when it comes to their offering. Trading card games, miniatures and paints, comic books, board and tabletop roleplaying games are scattered throughout in different sections. The variety covers a wide range within each specific niche. If you have a moment and enjoy any of these hobbies, you could find yourself browsing for hours.

If you don’t have anything specific in mind, as I usually don’t, this is a great place to find something you will enjoy. This particular time, I did pick up a couple of miniatures that I am looking forward to getting to the table and possibly painting. All the supplies were there if I had a need for them, which a return trip might happen for a specific paint once I start that process.

I have made special orders in the past for board games and have had quick delivery. This has happened over the phone and in person with stellar results. The staff was more than accommodating and a pleasure to talk to. Trips to the store to pick up my order rarely ended with me leaving with just that one item.

I highly recommend The Paper Escape for all your geeky needs or to look for something new to try. It is a small business that goes out of its way to provide a great experience and offer a wide variety of products. You can find their Facebook page here!