I have recently seen something show up on my feed (which I have started cutting back on social media, more on that later) and I felt I wanted to share it. 

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” 

I am unable to find a source as it is referenced all over the internet and I am sure it existed before this series of tubes. 

The spirit of the saying is that doing anything is better than doing nothing. Some real-world examples are me with writing. I struggle as I have believed that everything needs to be perfect to put words on the page. 

It needs to be at night when everyone is asleep. The time can’t be after 10 p.m. as I won’t have time to write. A playlist needs to hit the right way for me to be in the writing mood.

No more.

This partially goes with the freewriting exercise, which has now been on and off before sessions. I open up my freewriting and my story document. I write. Simple. 

If I only get out 200 words of freewriting, then so be it. Those words have served a purpose. I got an idea out, laid out some feelings, or just talked about my day. 

This can apply to anything you want or need to do. Try some freewriting, do the 10 minutes of stretching instead of a full-fledged workout, or do some sketches that may or may not amount to go further than that 5 minutes. 

Be safe and try to make someone smile! Thank you for reading.