This is a practice that I have just started recently. I have to give credit to Writer’s Boot Camp by Rachel Federman for this discovery. The basic technique for this is to write. That easy.

Write down your thoughts. Write down an outline. This can and will be anything you want. There are no restrictions. You don’t have to worry about capitalization or punctuation. This is for you and you alone to write.

This has sparked quite a few ideas for me which includes this article. There are a few story ideas within my 500 words of freewriting which I plan on expanding on or incorporating into future stories. 

It is pretty amazing how getting words out will help jump-start you into whatever project it is you are working on at the time. I have been using this method to kickstart my writing and editing. I have also stumbled upon a method for resetting yourself and part of it included freewriting without calling it that specifically. 

Freewriting is a useful tool whether you are trying to reset or clear your mind before entering into a creative session. It helps to get your ideas, fears, doubts, and anything else clogging up your mind out. This exercise can help you expand on ideas that you had no idea could be expanded upon. It also helps get words on the page. That last one is the ultimate goal for a writer, and this method can help.