The title may be misleading a little as I mean the arts. It is not limited to painting, drawing, and coloring. Those are important, as well. When I say the arts, I refer to any creative endeavor. Music, dance, writing, and anything that lets people express themselves is vital. I believe that this will be the future as more and more processes are put in place and automation replaces people. 

I am a firm backer that these forms of expression help develop children and adults. I have talked to many people during my time and recently I have brought up more and more that I am a writer. This is so I can ask “what creative outlet do you use?” when in a discussion. It does throw people off and there are a lot of answers that I get where I hear “I’m not creative.” I do help to get to the answer though. I will ask more leading questions like, do you color, dance, sing, do interior design, tell stories to your children?

It is a bit disturbing asking this during craft fairs or events which is filled with creativity. The creation of blankets, purses, bookmarks, skyscrapers, layout of pamphlets, each one has a creative element. Each one is something that someone has poured themselves into and have given so much detail to. It takes a good eye and special skill to create and perfect. 

There was a time where I would scoff at taking classes like this in college. It has been recent, within the last 10 years, that I know it is just as important in college as it is in grade and high school. I still question my school for placing me in a painting class, one that I had no business being in. The concepts of shading, perspective, and even art appreciation are lost on me. I promise I tried, which was why I passed. That form of art is just not for me, and you will discover there are forms of art that may not be for you as well.

The take away from this is two things. The arts are important in school. Forms of expression are vital and for more reasons than I can list here. Further reading can be done into this as there is so much information on this. 

The second thing is that you are creative. You may not write or paint, but there is some aspect which you are good at and enjoy. I have listed a bunch of examples, but there are so many more. Party planning, making crafts and signs for your home, researching and creating activities for a boy scout troop are some more because I want to get the point across. Everyone has it in them to create. You may find that when you are doing this, you feel you are the best you as well. 

Did I miss your creative outlet? What is your favorite form of expression?