It’s been a fun weekend. One of the biggest takeaways is that experience is amazing. This advice goes for everything in life, not just writing. What do I mean? Let me tell you.

It’s no secret that I am not a handy person. I had been pampered by most standards for a good portion of my life. I barely made my food, didn’t have to wash my clothes, and didn’t have rent for a long time. When I moved out in my mid 20’s to live with my then girlfriend and now wife, there was a life shock.

I was doing laundry, paying rent, cooking, and cleaning, you know, being an adult. Fast forward to these past couple of weeks and my wife is really taking the homeownership seriously. I am still not, but my assistance is needed in multiple areas. We have begun to beautify our space outdoors. This has included mulch, power washing (which Power Washing Simulator is a lie), and a couple of gardens.

Having a hands-on role in this has given me experiences I had not had before. This has been some trial by fire, but the yard is looking amazing. We have expressed more teamwork these past couple of weekends than has been present in a while. But how does this relate to writing?

Easy, I now have experience in things I have only written about. The choices between what to add to a garden, upkeep of the plants, and improvements to a home. These are things I had written about or touched on in a short story or little piece but had to look up. Now I can write more confidently on these subject matters.

This has also given me some new ideas. These can be inserted into a story or become a short story all on their own. Creating this art opened my eyes to my own art form. Always be looking for new experiences and learning opportunities. Thank you!