The first of Writing Prompt Wednesdays and here is my entry. Sometimes it will be later, but the writing will always be based off the Write-On’s group prompt. As always, this has little direction. There is places where this can go, but we will see if it ever gets there.

Moonlight has its own appeal. I have grown accustomed to the soft glow as most of my people have. An adaptation. A way of life. I had seen sunlight once and the blindness felt like it lasted forever.

So, I stayed underground. There are some who would venture up during daylight. Sunwalkers. I never understood why someone would put themselves through that. It was necessary for a few reasons and I could see how strategically it was sound. That was too much for me. 

The wind was something I had not grown used to either. The stillness of the air in the land was peaceful. Anytime I went up to the surface, I had to tie my hair up. Other males just shaved it off if they knew of their raiding party or attack force selection.  Not me, I kept the long hair. It sort of just grew on me.

I focused. There was a purpose for this trip and I had to stay serious. They knew we were coming but unsure when. Orders were to kill, but that was not me either. 

The signal came and we started out. The new settlement lay to the East of our location. The tunnel was slightly up the mountain and well hidden within the forest. No one rushed as it was supposed to be a surprise. Silence, creeping, all the stuff that the surface world did not allow for with leaves and fallen branches. I got better with movements the more I experienced it. Those who were new, you could tell. A quarter of the way there and we still heard crumpling and snaps.

The smells were fresh. Dirt and rocks gave off a soothing scent. The trees, air, and plants mixed into an uneasy aroma. It was almost too sweet for me. I enjoyed it when the winds changed and I could smell the ground off the clothes from the group in front of me. The freshness was still there. Something was mixing with it as well. Something I had never smelled before. A pungency.

Wind shifted again, this time from the side of us. The scent was there again. Hairs on the back of my neck prickled up and I could sense something was wrong. The surprise was on us. The smell along with my nerves stirred my stomach. I looked around and saw forms moving in all directions. It didn’t look like the rest of the group knew. I let out a pitched whistle and moved to the closest tree. Scaling trees was simple compared to what we climbed in our childhoods.

The warning came too late for most of our party. I could hear grunts and war cries rise in the night. I sat atop a branch wondering if I was the only coward. I could now clearly see what was happening below. The trees next to me were occupied with allies. I forced myself to think it was best to fight another night. I just hoped I was not going to be stuck up here until daylight came.