A World I Can Imagine

Genre: Contemporary


I picked up the brush and stared at the blank canvas. Images ran through my head as I cascaded the blue and white to meet in the space between them on the palette.

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Candle Burning

The Candle

Genre: Fantasy


Light from the candle illuminated some of the tiny room. The details on the wall were hidden in the dim glow as the rust-colored ink blended with the stone. Four shadows were cast into the corners as figures sat around the melting figurine…. 

Photo by George Becker


The Laughing

Genre: Horror


The hall carried the laugh in an eerie echo. Sweat was already dripping off his brow as he ran into another wall. The darkness played tricks on his mind…

Photo by Berend de Kort

Portal Business

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy


The world disappeared around me. Colors swirled and mixed in a circle and fell out of reach. Darkness swallowed them up to the point of them vanishing altogether. There was nothing around, yet somehow I stood on solid ground..

Photo by Maria Pop

Journey With Strangers

Genre: Fantasy, Horror


Camp could be set up and taken down in less than an hour, as long as everything was where it should be. The problem lied in the fact we had deserters. Expeditions out this far were rarely heard of..

Photo by Daniel Lienert

Temple Covered by Trees
Green Hill Landscape

The Last Goodbye

Genre: Fantasy, Drama


A boy stood in a world unchanged. Everything was the same, except his own little world…

Photo by Scott Webb

Lost Youth

Genre: Horror, Zombie


I was being shaken by my father, who was frantic. Through my blurred vision, the light was barely coming in through the window. Colors and shapes began to break away from one another…

Photo by Curtis Adams