The statement “listening to an audiobook is not the same as reading” is something that I have been on both sides of the fence of. I was adamantly against this in the beginning but have come around. This wasn’t a recent revelation as I now believe they are one and the same.

Reading physical books is a pastime that I love. I may not have been as avid a reader some years, but I would always go back to it. It is an activity that generates my own creativity and productivity. The “what if” pop into my mind as I look through someone else’s story and jot down notes. It is also a relaxing time. You are tasked with sitting there and focusing on the words.

Listening to audiobooks is a new practice of mine and only for specific topics. There are those out there who will only listen to audiobooks and are able to retain all the information given. The worlds that are spoken to them come to life in a way that I can’t even comprehend.

In my personal experience, I prefer audiobooks when it comes to finance, self-help, and motivational books. This may be from my time with lectures. I can be caught watching a TED Talk or presentation on Youtube that covers a wide range of topics. I am far more likely to retain that information as it pertains to real-world scenarios.

My love of SciFi and fantasy worlds pushes me to books. The worlds and characters come to life with each word. This is, of course, for me. Your own experience will differ.

Audiobooks and reading a physical book are the same. It is an intake of information. Your brain may decode that information better with one method over the other. Some stories will be processed easier or give you a better experience as well.

How do you prefer to take in your media?