I could just leave it at that title. I would imagine you can find it on t-shirts and notepads everywhere. I am being more specific in questioning your beliefs. This ranges from everyday choices to those you hold dear to yourself and who you are.

The story behind this is a more recent one. I have a belief in ghosts and spirits. To me, they exist and it is a truth I have held to. That thought, which was ingrained in me early, has become a fact and a way of life. I do card readings, thank my guardian angels, and have done a lot of research into it. I have even watched shows such as Ghost Hunters as validation.

Now, here is the part where I have had a struggle grappling with. What if they don’t exist? What if everything that happens can be explained scientifically? That is where I used certain conclusions from shows and books to validate the existence of spirits.

These shows have been able to disprove sightings and happenings, but what about the things they can’t explain? As I said, I am a believer, but I am now open to the option that it can all be explained away. Is it really a farfetched idea that we have an essence that persists beyond our own existence? Maybe.

When we question what we know, we may learn new things about the world around us and ourselves. It is possible to shatter who you were with a newfound discovery that has been out there in the world. That’s okay. We change all the time even when we don’t realize we have. Look back on your life even a year ago and think of what you believed then.

They say there are only two constants in the world, and I would be willing to say there are three. Change, death, and the Earth is round.