Hello World! As I look back at the previous month’s update, it’s cool to see what is on track and what has gone awry. I uncovered a notecard I had put together in January that broke down each day of the week and what had to be done each night. I have semi-stuck to it. It might do better as a list than a strict outline.

Novel 2: This continues to be worked on. There is a lot of editing and I am still moving the story around a little. I am putting out the November date still to will this into existence. My goal will hopefully not go the way of George R.R. Martin and delays. It is written with needs to be cleaned up here and there.

Magma Card Gaming: I am continuing sales and some purchases on card games for my store. I have got back into the habit of adding cards to my inventory. I have wanted to do something with the Youtube page but I am kind of at a loss. This also comes as I continue to liquidate some personal collection stuff of my own. You can follow this link to check it out: https://magmafamilygaming.tcgplayerpro.com/.

Website: As you can tell, we have moved domains. https://nwvincent.com/ is much shorter, cleaner, and is on brand for what I am going for. This was a “crisis” that needed a quick solution and my team pulled it together. Shoutout to Bob Marruffo for getting this rolled out. I am always looking at the site and wondering how I can improve it as well. If you have any suggestions as well, I would love to hear them on the socials!

Personal: There are times when I feel like everything I do is work-related. Whether it is for the main job that pays all the bills or the side stuff that helps me achieve my ultimate goal. I have made a couple of investments into fun (which have the potential to bring in revenue, but we are aiming for FUN) that include painting miniatures and music making. I still make a lot of time for family and am enjoying seeing my son grow into an older human. Being a dad is the most rewarding when it comes to all aspects of my life.

And that is it. There is still more than just that, such as reading and researching into horror stories. I am always a student of finance and continue to better myself by working out. Thank you for the support and all you do!