We are back at it! It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride and that will continue into the next month. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Novel 2: This is still on track for my personal release time. Chapters are being changed, rewritten, and reshaped. It is hard to see some of it go, but it is worth it in the end. Like all things, it won’t be 100% because that is not achievable, but it will be ready.

Magma Card Gaming: Yo, check it! You can follow this link: https://magmafamilygaming.tcgplayerpro.com/.I am still buying and selling cards. The summer months seem to be slower. I am happy for the break.

Personal: This is where the majority of updates are coming from. I have overloaded myself with projects. This realization came as a couple of weeks went by when I suffered from analysis paralysis. I would look at all the things I was working on and end up not working on any of them.

Looking back, all of these seemed doable. Each one was a small task by itself, but they all led to larger projects. This is where I knew I needed to shelf some of the tasks so as to not dilute each one of them. Each one deserves my focus and needed to be honed with continuous practice. With that, editing won out as my major goal with a side goal of continuing sorting and listing cards.

And that is it! I may have a missed week coming up again on the blog as I go on vacation. It will be refreshing to disconnect and enjoy a new environment for awhile. Be kind!