We all go through phases. I might even create a post about this that covers all the card games I have played throughout the years. For now, we look at Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. 

I’m not new to Yu-Gi-Oh if you count all the way back to my younger days. My brother and I played a lot of games and that included the original card game. We fell off for whatever reason and likely just moved into another card game. It was unique to me as a lot of other games I played before that required resources to pay for certain actions.

Flash forward to 2021 and I had seen one of the regular streamers I follow was playing it. 

Naturally, I decided to download it on a whim. Forty (yes, a 4 and a 0) hours later in 2 weeks’ time and I am still going strong. This is typically an hour a night, usually more, and whatever downtime I have. 

It has a very new vibe from the card game I remember. There are a lot more interactions for one. The game plays at a faster pace and there is a lot of reading involved. Once you learn what you are doing, get a feel for your playstyle, and find a deck you like, it’s fairly easy to obtain the cards you need. 

Free to Play. This is something a lot of games push but can’t deliver on. I am here to tell you that I am a free-to-play player. I have been tempted to get more, but I also want to see how far this can take me. I am clearing PVE and PVP events with relative ease. 

The gameplay is fun, there is a ton of things to do, characters to unlock, and many events. It can be overwhelming but each path allows for you to keep progressing and if you love card games, the deck choices and brewing keep it fresh.

Will this last more than a week? It has already. I am honestly most excited to play this game over other digital card games. It has me looking up Yu-Gi-Oh cards in real life as well. I highly recommend it for card gamers and video gamers alike. If you have tried it out, I would love to hear about your experiences. Thank you.