Will this kill the game for me? So far my record is at 100%. Could this game be different? So far, it is.

Cards, the Universe, and Everything (or CUE) is a mobile card game where you can collect cards, build decks, trade, and battle. The theme of the game, you ask? Literally everything. Dinosaurs, philosophers, dogs, cowboys, space, it is all there. These are separated into different categories such as Life on Land or Arts and Culture. Each category has an arena that will boost those chosen cards for 1 of the 5 rounds of play.

Each deck is made of 18 cards. CUE does suffer from what all TCGs do where some cards are much better than others. There is a way of balancing this out with the cost of a card versus how much power it gives you. An example is a deck I made of all dogs (which is super fun) and where I would find myself not playing certain cards even if they did get a boost because there were better cards to play. The weaker cards fit the theme and would sometimes push a round just over in my favor.

There is a good overlap of cards that support other cards. The dog deck went from meme to serious when I found an Arts and Culture card that when I drew it would reduce the cost of dogs everywhere. This instantly made the deck better and has even won some Ranked games with it.

The types of games are either Ranked or Casual and run one vs. one through up to 5 rounds. You get a set amount of energy to spend on cards to play each turn which is three turns per round. You can play as low as none and up to 3 cards a turn. With only 18 cards in your deck, you can cycle through it fairly quickly. The power is added up as well as any bonuses and the totals carry over from turn to turn within a round. The highest total at the end of three turns wins the round. Three round wins will give you the game.

Crafting, fusions, packs, and trades are all ways to get more cards. The packs flow pretty freely as daily missions are very simple to complete. You earn more for daily logins and for gaining experience (through opening packs and missions) as well. It’s easy to save up for a pack that you think you will enjoy playing and spending in-game currency on it. After that, it’s easy to build it back up again.

I highly recommend this one as it is fun. Each card includes facts and some will have abilities that are very thematic. Give it a try and let me know what you think.