First and foremost, editing is tough. This pertains mainly to video editing. The proper way to cut, volume controls, and putting your own style into it is an art that I will be working on with each new video.

There were a lot of terms I did not know before this process but can now tell you what an L- and J-cut are. I can even show you the proper technique for each. Have I mastered this? Not at all. I will be continuing to work on that.

I don’t discount audio recording or editing either. I have my own struggles which I am attempting to overcome. The audio in the office is not good. A hum from the computer and another when the heat is running gets picked up on my microphone as if it is sitting next to those vents. Reducing the noise is easy but there is still maintaining my own voice within the recording.

Adding audio, both vocal track and background music has been intriguing. I know there are spots that need adjustments and they will come in time. This is all practice that leads to something great.

With all that said and it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. I love this. It has been a while since I have been this invigorated in learning something new and honing those skills. I am sure that if you wish to achieve something, you can also! Go out there and get those dreams!