It is a mixture of analysis paralysis and ADD that culminated in this design. Every night, I begin working on whatever I was most excited about that day. I had entered a weird period where I had an idea, but the resources weren’t there. This will come out in a future post—apologies for keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The idea marinated and was kicked around in my mind until I was inspired. It brought me all the way back, reaching into times when I was a kid and the things that pulled me in. Each word on this design has inspired and influenced me in some way. Without further ado, here it is.

The design of the heart was always going to happen, along with the words “Inspired By”. From there, it was easy to put down what makes me, me. All of these continue to inspire the work I do, even this design. The words were fun to choose fonts for. Some of them will be clear (New Wave and Horror, easy picks) while others that may be obscure felt right to me.

It took some time to get it feeling right where I wanted it to be. I chose to focus on broad terms rather than specific items as the list would grow exponentially. Each one of those single words in the current design could be a sub-design or two on their own.

This design was then added to a couple of items (a t-shirt and a bag). I wanted to share this to inspire others as well. Maybe one day, I will see my name dropped as an inspiration for someone. What inspires you?

You can check out the bag on my Etsy page here. I appreciate all the support, even with reading this blog post. Thank you again!