This is where I am supposed to talk in the third person about myself. I used to say that would be difficult to do but if it fits the moment, I can. Instead, I will just share some of my past and give you an idea of what to expect.

I have been writing since middle school. My main influence has been Terry Brooks. I read The Sword of Shannara for a book report and was hooked. My main genre then was fantasy. I have since branched off into contemporary, dystopian, horror, and sci-fi as well. Writing has been my creative outlet, even if I try to stay technical in the sense of story and sentence structure.

I am very much a family person. I have an amazing wife and a son I could not be any prouder of. I work full-time with an awesome team. The support I give and receive from them is astounding and they make it a better place. My other passions include tabletop gaming and whatever my son is interested in at the time. This has evolved from construction trucks, super heroes, or dinosaurs to Avatar: The Last Airbender, gaming, and all sorts of other interests.

I am also a creator. This very site you see, the books and stories you read, and Beyond The Cube are things I have worked on personally or as a collaboration. This has branched into a Twitch and Youtube channel and is always growing. There are always ideas and things that interest and inspire me. Thank you for following me on my many journeys and those of my characters.

Enjoy your stay.

Marketing Bio:

Vincent has been a writer since middle school. He started out as an avid reader of the Shannara series and fell in love with the idea of being able to create other worlds. Vincent has focused on short stories and poems. The idea for the novel Runner’s Rise: Road to Pro came from a short story and his excitement for the world of e-sports.

He is a husband to an amazing wife and father to his wonderful son. They all share a love of board games and going on adventures. When Vince isn’t spending time with his family or working, he is typically working on his side projects that range from Youtube to Amazon KDP.